Motorcycle Saddlebags- Common Types of Motorcycle Saddlebags

Motorcycle Saddlebags
Motorcycle Saddlebags

Are you looking forward to buying motorcycle saddlebags for your bike? The use of bikes is increasing from last few years after the increase of gas prices. The problem that people usually face while driving bikes is the lack of storage capacity. To overcome this problem, different companies are working and designing saddle bags of leather and other materials. These saddlebags are available in variety of types. The three most common types of saddlebags are hard, leather and synthetic leather saddle bags. Each saddlebag has its own benefits and drawbacks. The first type is hard saddlebag which is made up of mild steel or fiberglass. This type of saddlebag is perfect for high security and strength from extreme weather conditions. However, the price range of these saddlebags lies in the expensive range from $500 to $1000. The second common type of motorcycle saddlebags is leather bags. This leather bag is not expensive and is made up of leather. However, it is not suitable for long use.

Hard saddlebags and leather bags come in variety of designs and styles. The choices include plain saddlebags with studs and fringes, hard saddlebags with different color appearances. Most of the details in both saddlebags are common. However, hard bags include different paint designs that can be used as a custom piece of art. The number of manufacturers is increasing and it has become difficult for customers to choose the saddlebag of one company. However, there are certain factors that can be useful for customers to choose the saddlebag of their choice.

The first factor is the storage capacity. How much space customer needs for storing his luggage while travelling? Secondly, what are the weather conditions of the area in which the customer will ride bike? Thirdly, what are the measurements of bike including dimensions and where user stores his bike? Fourthly, how much security the user needs? Fifth, what is the budget of the user? Sixth, what should be the features of the saddlebags? Do you need saddle bags with detachable features? If you get the answers of these questions, then you will be able to filter the choices of saddle bags.

The earlier designs of motorcycle saddle bags include throw over bags. The good thing about these saddlebags is that they do not need extra hardware for the installations. The only thing you need is to attach them with hooks to your bike seat. Their installation is not only quick, but easy. The only problem associated with these saddle bags is their detachable ability which is not present in most of them, and if you want to remove them, you have to open again your bike seat and remove it. So, if you want to remove your saddlebags after sometime, then these saddlebags is not a perfect choice. These are perfect for permanent installation. Other choices are also available for the people who want to get detachable saddlebags. Harley Davidson bags are one of those choices. So, choose the saddlebags for your bike as per your need and feel easy and comfortable.

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