Cruiser Motorcycles – The Real Deal

Cruiser Motorcycles
Cruiser Motorcycles

Have you been out on the road and seen a motorcycle breeze past reminiscent of something you’ve seen in old black and white movie from the 40’s, with a very retro, very cool look to it’ You might have been looking at a one of the new generation of cruiser motorcycles that are making a splash among bike enthusiasts and making new fans every day. Or perhaps you are already into cruiser motorcycles and are looking for the right one to make your own. Either way, here’s an overview of what they are and the features you should be considering.

Cruiser motorcycles sport vintage design lines and contours that are modeled on the American road bikes that were popular from the 1930’s to the early ’60’s. They are the muscle machines of the motorcycle world, but today’s models also feature tremendous mechanical innovations which make them fuel efficient, lean, and very quick. Current cruiser motorcycles give a very definite design nod to early Indians, Henderson’s, and of course, Harley Davidson’s from that era. Today, all major manufacturers are turning out cruiser motorcycles including Honda, Yamaha, and even BMW, while Harley’s continue to be the most sought after in this class. Cycle sales experts suggest that up to 65% of all bikes bought this year will sport the cruiser motorcycles style, making them by far the most popular cycles on the road.

If you are in the market for one, consider these features. First, cruiser motorcycles come equipped with a wide range of engine sizes, from 600cc middleweights to 1200cc beasts of the road. Most riders are comfortable with the speed/fuel efficiency dynamics of a bike in the 600cc to 900cc range.

Secondly, consider the size of the bike’s frame, ensuring that you will ride in comfort. It helps that cruiser motorcycles are designed with low-slung frames that feature seats lower to the ground than many other styles offer. Shorter riders will want to look for seat heights in the 25′ to 26.5′ range, while the tallest riders may be able to handle cruiser motorcycles with seat heights up to 30′. This feature will determine the ease with which you handle the bike, so should be one of your most important considerations.

Thirdly, once you’ve narrowed your search of cruiser motorcycles to determine the approximate engine size you want and the right seat height for you, peruse the options and select the cruiser motorcycle that most clearly evokes to you that classic spirit of American road machines. Price will play a part, of course, but find a bike in your price range that inspires you, and you’ll hit the road more frequently and with more enjoyment in the hobby.

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